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Narendra Modi in the Prophecies of Nostradamus

(First published in Janmabhumi Malayalam Daily On:Feb 16th 2014.  http://www.janmabhumidaily.com/news176164)

        Narendra Modi in the Prophecies of                              Nostradamus

Nostradamus – the Lord of Prophecies!! Born in the beginning of 16th Century.
de Nostredame, usually Latinised as Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and
reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous
worldwide. The astonishing prophecies of Nostradamus ran into approximately seven
thousand years. Known as the “man who saw tomorrow” and coming from a long line
of Jewish doctors and scholars he was a physician, treating plague victims throughout
France and Italy. It’s believed he had a psychic awakening. He began to practice the
occult and make predictions of the future, which he published in the Prophecies. His
work “Centuries” was predictions, each century containing 100 predictions. Of the 7th
Century only 42 verses have been found yet. The writings were in classical French and
in totally mysterious style. The great prophet who mentions the names of distinguished
persons like Hitler, Louis Pasteur etc well before four and a half centuries and who
prophesied and recorded both world wars, the French and Russian revolutions and
even the dropping of the first Atom Bomb in Japan has also mentioned about India in
many of his verses. The prophet of non-violence Mahatma Gandhi, the coming back
into power of Indira Gandhi after the emergency which was declared in India, the
attainment of Prime Minister ship by Rajiv Gandhi etc were among them. It is also
prophesied in the “Centuries” that the future world will be lead by a Hindu after the re-
emergence of Hinduism.

India is anticipating a great change now. Corruption and price hike are in the vertex.
Corruption hitherto not seen in the known history of India!! Plundering of people’s money!!
This is what the UPA government has been doing all these years and that is common
knowledge. And that is why the common man is looking forward to a new leadership,a ‘savior’.
The general elections of 2014 will be the beginning of this change. We will now see who
will conduct this and what will be the outcome and what Nostradamus has to say about it.

His prophecies are in classic French and here the English translation is used.

Nostradamus: century: 01:50

"From the three water signs will be born 
a man who has Thursday as his holy day.
his fame, praise, rule and power will grow, land and sea, 

to the East there is a storm brewing.”

A person who is born in three water-signs, who belong to a religion that observe
Thursday as a holy day, will be born in the east. His fame will heighten day by day. His
power will grow in land and sea. The 3 water-signs are Capricorn, Scorpio and Pisces.
Hindus are the ones who consider Thursday as holyday. Autocrats have come only
from the Semitic religious planes. Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam, Gaddafi and all. That the
awaited ‘savior’ is quite different from those who made fear a weapon and forced own
beliefs on others by repudiating others’ religion, beliefs and opinions, is clear from the
third line of the verse – “his fame, praise, rule and power will grow”. But then, who is that

Now look at this horoscope:

Moon, the lord of Cancer which is a water-sign is in conjunction with Mars who is the
lord of Scorpio which is another water-sign. Mars there causes “Ruchaka Mahayoga”
and Moon is causing “Neechabhanga Chakravarthee Yoga”. In its square is placed,
Jupiter, the lord of Pisces which again is another water-sign, causing “ Gaja Kesari Yoga”.
Virgo, also a water-sign, is “Sarvvaabheeshta sthanam” and eleventh house and there
Mercury who is in exaltation and Saturn who is ascending to exaltation and who has a
“Navamsa” in own house, with Ketu cause “Samrajya Yoga”. This horoscope belongs
to one who consider Thursday as a holy day, a Hindu, that of Narendra Modi!! To him
the present dasha period of Moon, who is the lord of luck and much powerful and capable
of providing many good results is spotlighted by the sub-period of Saturn who causes
“Samrajya Yoga”. More than half a dozen prophesies of Nostradamus could be found
closely connected with Narendra Modi.

Century I.--Quatrain 76.

“Of a savage name there shall be such publishing
the name is the destiny of three sisters
Then he will lead a great nation by tongue and deed, 
And have more glory and fame than any other.”

“maut ka saudagar” (trader of death) the name given to Narendra Modi by SoniaGandhi! 

Those who closely watch the politics will not fail to see that it was around this
time the Indian Politics saw a polarization of those who are for and against Narendra
Modi. Structural changes ensued in the three political blocs in India (destiny of three
sisters). Many political blocs left the BJP lead NDA from Trinamool Congress in the
beginning to JD(U) in the end. Many joined the Congress lead UPA at the time of 2009
general elections. Some became part of the third front. In the next elections it will be
difficult to predict who will support whom and how and why. However, Nostradamus
prophesies that India is going to witness a decisive and longstanding change. The trine
of Jaya-Maya-Mamatha. The trinity that controls the politics of the three main states
of India. Could they be the three sisters? That too is possible. In that case it should
be construed that in the long run the entry of Narendra Modi into the national politics
will bring about major political changes in those three states. His unmatched oratory
and developmental activities in his role as the Chief Minister of Gujarat has already
made Modi acceptable than any other Indian and this makes the fourth line of the verse
meaningful, “He will lead a great nation.”

 Century IV- Quatrain 51

"A Duke eager to follow his enemy 
Will succeed in breaking through their phalanx:
Hurried on foot, they shall follow so closely 

That the day shall see a conflict near "Ganges".

In the coming general elections in India, will Narendra Modi contest from Uttarpradesh?
Will Modi venture to contest from a constituency of the state which sends the highest
number of MPs to the Lok Sabha? If we base the prophesy of Nostradamus we had
better say that Modi will confront the foe in his den. If so where? Nostradamus says
near Ganges”. Could it be Banaras (Varanasi)? We can’t rule out the possibility.

Century 9.--Quatrain 56.

"There will be peace, union and change, Estates, offices, 

low high and high very low: To prepare 
a voyage, the first offspring torment, 
War to cease, civil process, debates".

Just a glance through these prophesies tells us that the 16th general election in India.
is going to be the beginning of a great and deep rooted change. When the "tea seller"
(Chayvala) ascends to the thrones of Indraprastha, indicates that prophesy, many of the
UPA VIPs will not be found in the corridors of power, even as sentries. (Low high and
high very low) Cause for a little anxiety, either that BJP will not get a single majority or
like the pain in child birth there will be a painful period in the beginning. Nostradamus,
however, goes on further to say that by way of mutual discussions and democratic
standpoints tension will be diffused.




Century VI.--Quatrain 63.

"The lady shall remain to rule alone, Her unique spouse dead, 

who was first in the field of honour. 
She will weep for grief through seven long years,
And gifted with long life will reign long".

Sonia Gandhi observed her widowhood for exactly seven years after Rajeev Gandhi
was killed in 1991. In spite of the continued "pressure" exercised by the Congressmen
she was ready neither to lead the party nor to hold some position in the party. Then in
1998 exactly after "seven long years" she became the AICC President. And she continues to be the person who hasheld the post for the longest term. Now look at that prophesy, “Weep for grief through seven long years, will reign long”.

Century III.--Quatrain 28.

"possessing littile land and poor parentage

the empire will be gained by effort and peace
young women will reign long 

Never was there such a bad influence in the kingdom"

Many interpreters have opined that this is about Mrs. Indira Gandhi. But it is beyond
argument that hers was neither a poor family nor poor parentage. But that of Sonia is
the way round. The difference is not only in her poverty or parentage. Her ill-influence
in the Congress kingdom is extraordinary. There can be no comparison between the
semi-socialist policies of Indira Gandhi and that of Sonia who was born in a poor family
in Italy and who went to England to learn English for filling up the belly and who later
became the richest politician in the world. That too, when she reaches that position without the
slightest of efforts!! Other than the few Jew leaders like Trotsky and Bukharin who
died/were killed under the guise as revisionists in the Russian Communist Movement,
such a large number of unusual deaths will be found in no other political party in the
whole world other than Congress party in India . Especially so, when we consider the deaths of
Congressmen from Sanjay Gandhi to Y.S.Rajasekhara Reddy. “Never was there such a
bad influence”.
The verse becomes truly meaningful!! Are there just a few deaths in
that improper influence? That can be seen in economic, political and even in religious
matters. That is reflected in Anti Superstition Bill, Religious Clashes Eradication bill
etc and in similar attempts for legislations to snatch the Hindu temple properties.
Amazingly, Nostradamus, in a verse, indicates that too!!

Century II.--Quatrain 12.

"Eyes closed to truth but opened to ancient paganism, 

The monks will be reduced to nothing 
The great monarch will chastise their frenzy, 
Ravishing the treasure in the temples".

This prophesy becomes relevant, when, in those states which are ruled by the
Congress, attempts are made to destroy the age old beliefs and snatch the temple
properties in the name of “Eradication of blind faith”. If that bill is passed, remember
that even the sound of the Puja Bell that reverberates in a Hindu family will be
misinterpreted as black magic and they can be put under trial!

The defeat of Rahul-Priyanka!


Century VI.--Quatrain 29.

"widow with a saint's name shall receive 

news Of the difficulties that perplex and trouble 
her children; He whom she calls home to quiet disturbances 
Shall bring them to a crisis by his pursuit of shaven heads".

The widow with the name of a saint

Saint: the extolled Antonia Messina [Blessed Antonia Messina was born on 21 June 1919. She was the second of ten children born to a poor family. After four years of school she took over housekeeping to help her bedridden mother, Grazia. She joined Catholic Action at the age of ten. While gathering firewood on 17 May 1935, she was murdered by a teenager when she resisted his rape attempt. Her body was examined and it was found that she had not been sexually violated. Her feast is celebrated on 17 May.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonia_Mesina Is There  any similarity between these two Italians...?    ]

Widow: Sonia Gandhi alias Antonia Edvige Albina Maino

No doubt, the 2014 general election will be a waterloo for the Congress. It looks highly
improbable that good news might come from any of the states. If we take these lines
in its face value, it is sure that the "son Gandhi" who leads the battle and the "daughter
Gandhi" who helps him out will be disappointed. Their contest to the “shaven heads”
will not end in victory. The messengers never bring good news. The "shaven head" with
a plug in the back is typical of a Hindu priest.
It is well known that the hidden agenda
of the Congress is to destroy Hinduism. The similarity between the extolled ‘Antonio
Messina’ and Sonia-Antonia Edvige Albina Maino is not only in their names, but both
are Italians.
We may consider it with finality that in this war which is fought by the widow
who has a similarity in her name to that of a saint, by deploying her son and daughter in
the forefront, will not bring just defeat but such a big defeat that a coming back will be


  1. nice research...! nice interpretation...!!

  2. If our Nation is led by such predictions and beliefs, Dark Ages will befall upon us and sentience will give way to madness. The soothsayers, seers and the priest will become richer and common people will become mechanical and robotic. Dystopia and inhumane orderliness will follow.
    India in 21st century needs to come out of our superstitious beliefs which has dwarfed our growth in science and technology. I will not go to the wisest of sage if i want to clear my exams. i would rather study.
    But of course...nicely researched especially the 2+2=4 is amazingly well proven.

  3. Modi contesting from Varanasi! Superb interpretation. Modi did contest and won with highest margin. Congress routed. Son & daughter miserably failed. All proven. Suggest you should provide your interpretations at least for all others relating to India.

    1. Another battle for Ganges (assembly elections Bihar) is on the cards !
      What can b interpreted ? Regarding that from these very words.
      Two most difficult adversaries...

  4. How to interpret the prophecy related to "Conflict near Ganges" in the Context of Bihar Assembly elections ?
    Pl record ur insight b4 elections !

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    1. Kalki the last avatara of Vishnu born in 1965. According to the Kalki Purana he is dark complexioned and is born in Shambala< Andhra Pradesh. He will be known as Kalki somewhere around 2025. His real name is Sree Veerabhoga Vasantaraya. A comet and an asteroid would destroy one third of the land ( all the green grass burnt up) and one third of the sea respectively in January 2037 and June 2040. The asteroid would destroy one third of the fishes and 1/3rd of the ships. The comet which will impact Europe, America and other ancient civilizations will cause famine which will then become global.Even scientists acknowledge that due to burning of the fossil fuels global warming ensues which will cause 2-3 degrees Celsius rise in temperature which will flood all lowlying areas and impact agricultural production which will fall. After the end of the 27 Year war Kalki rules in Satya Yuga for 108 Years. See www.war2037.com about the Mahdi from Saudi Arabia and 200 million Muslim and Buddhist soldiers kill 3 billion people.

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